Why GOA?

One Treatment Destination for All Women’s Cancers – Gynecologic Oncology Associates (GOA), located in Newport Beach, CA, is the only medical practice on the West Coast that offers diagnosis and treatment for all female cancers: breast, cervical, ovarian, uterine, vulvar and vaginal malignancies in one convenient location. Why is this important? Women diagnosed with one of these cancers might have a higher likelihood of developing another malignancy in another site. Careful supervision following cancer treatment may improve outcomes. And receiving care from the same physician group who treated the initial malignancy enhances continuity of care, decreases the chance for missing paperwork, errors and delayed diagnoses, and offers unprecedented convenience not found in any other practice.
Experience – GOA and its affiliated hospitals have been the #1 providers of cancer care for gynecologic cancer patients in Orange County for more than a decade. That means we treat more women with female cancers annually than any other practice. Studies have repeatedly shown that physicians and hospitals that perform higher volumes of specialized procedures have better results than those done less frequently. Our registered nurses have years of experience in navigating the care of patients during all phases of their diagnosis and treatment, including follow-up and rehabilitative care after treatment is finished. Our physicians are backed by a comprehensive team of health professionals, including physician assistants and medical assistants.

Diagnosis and Treatment in One Setting – GOA is the only practice in Orange County that offers infusion services on-site for all female cancers, under the supervision of gynecologic oncologists and a breast medical oncologist. Women in need of chemotherapy can receive it in the same community-based setting where they see their GOA physician, offering greater convenience at a stressful time. Women requiring surgery can have it performed at a nearby surgery center or at one of our nearby affiliated hospitals.

Advanced Treatment Options – GOA offers the full range of minimally invasive surgical options, from laparoscopic procedures to da Vinci Robotic® surgery procedures. GOA surgeons were early adopters of both technologies and have performed more robotic surgeries than any group of Gynecologic Oncologists in Southern California.  Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) is a new technique that minimizes the number of skin incisions to a single small site just below the belly button. Click here to learn more about the full complement of advanced techniques performed by GOA specialists.

Access to clinical trials – GOA is affiliated with the Women’s Cancer Research Foundation, a research entity engaged in clinical trials and innovative and patient-centered support that focus on all touch points along their journey–mind, body and spirit. GOA patients have access to the latest, cutting-edge trials focusing on women’s malignancies, many of which are only otherwise accessible through universities and teaching hospitals—but are available in our less intimidating, community-based setting.

Superior Outcomes and Quality – Our outcomes and survival rates are exceptional. GOA’s 5-year survival rates at Hoag Hospital are consistently higher than the national average.  To learn more about how GOA scores on quality measures against national benchmarks, click here.

                                                                GOA Gynecologic Oncology
                                                            Survival Rates (%) 1999-2005*

           Site                          Hoag Relative 5-yr survival rate           SEER % Relative 5-yr survival rate 
          Cervix                                     84                                                    70
          Uterine                                   92                                                    83
          Ovary                                     50                                                    46

          *Statistics compiled by Hoag Hospital

Convenient Locations – GOA offices are located in Newport Beach, Orange and Mission Viejo, so finding a GOA physician is easier and more convenient.

Patient-centered environment – Thoughtful touches, such as valet parking, complete one-stop care, and a welcoming environment, make visiting our offices a serene experience. Our receptionists offer compassionate assistance to patients and their families, and our multilingual staff is committed to providing culturally competent care.