Surgery performed through a laparoscope (bandaid surgery) requires 2-4 very small incisions. This patient has 3 incisions – can you find them? You can see one incision just inside the bottom margin of the umbilicus and another just above the pubic hair to the right (patients right) of midline. The third incision is in the midline of the abdomen but has been covered by pubic hair.
This is a transverse abdominal incision located just above the pubis. This is a mature incision. Given enough time most incisions will assume the same color as surrounding skin. The ends of this incision are still hyperpigmented but will eventually attain the same skin color as the middle part.
This patient has 2 transverse incisions. The smaller one just above the hairline is from a Cesarean Section performed 10 years previously. The lower “U” shaped incision was used for a cancer surgery more recently.
This patient also has an old transverse incision from a Cesarean Section in the past. You can also see a relatively newly healed lower midline incision. The little red spot in the lower right abdomen is a scar from a drain placed at the time of surgery.
This patient was operated on for an ovarian cancer that required a very large midline abdominal incision. Small strips of tape, steristrips, are placed over the new incision for the first few weeks after surgery. It will take several months for the new incision to completely mature.