Tuesday, October 6, 2015
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WCRF Research Papers Update

NYWCRF (separate announcement for saying GOA) has had an amazing spree of publishing important cutting edge research papers. These include a paper published in the journal, Surgical Oncology that showed that our robotic and laparoscopic radical hysterectomy/lymphadenectomy patients have the same cure rates as patients having surgery using the older laparotomy (open abdomen) technique. This was a study of patients with stage 1 cervical cancer. Also, the blood loss, length of hospital stay and postoperative pain were all much less in the robotic/laparoscopic group.

This is great news for our cervical and uterine cancer patients. This research would help to get physicians worldwide to switch over to using the newer, minimally-invasive surgical procedures to treat their patients,



John Paul Micha, M.D.

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